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The Gippsland Sports Academy Table Tennis Squad of 2012

There were a lot of new faces in the 2012 GSA squad this year but we were still a successful group of athletes providing 6 out of 13 participants with places in the National Finals in Perth.

This is proof that the pathway to higher skills that the GSA Advisory Panel for Table Tennis wanted to set up is now officially working for the benefit of Junior Table Tennis in Gippsland. Nearly HALF this local squad is representing Victoria in the National Finals. An amazing feat in our 3rd year of existence.

Special thanks to Program Manager Rob Thompson and Head Coach Alois Rosario.  They are assisted by Kerri Thompson, Anton Fullerton and Doug Schoer from Traralgon with Rod Street and Richard Cotton from Bairnsdale with Nancy Pattinson from Wonthaggi and Tammy Holwerda, Dom Murdica, Cathy Campbell & Ian Rasmussen from Leongatha. The support from each of these 4 regional Associations is generous both in the training of their juniors from club members and the raising of finances to support the program and hence the ‘pathway’.

The following pictures were shot on Oct 20th 2012 at Traralgon Stadium during a training session. Apart from those in the pictures 2012 GSA members included Dean Snelling, Donald Milnes, Adam Hislop, Zach Anstey and Haley Blythman.

L to R: Alois Rosario (Head Coach), Brittany Taylor, Tommy Morton, Tanya Milnes, Michaela Campbell, Caitlyn Taylor, Jackson Landy, Willis Doorty, Josh Street, Kerri Thompson (Traralgon Coach) & Rob Thompson (Program Manager).

Group shot Oct 20 2012

Some 1 on 1 warm ups and drills

training 1

Jackson Landy

training 2 Jackson

Willis Doorty

training 3 Willis

Caitlyn Taylor

training 4 Caitlyn

Josh Street

training 5 Josh

Tanya Milnes

training 6 Tanya

Michaela Campbell

training 7 Michaela

Tommy Morton

training 8 Tommy

Brittany Taylor

training 9 Brittany

Josh - Service Training

training 10

Alois Rosario reminding squad members of important things to remember

training 11 group
training 12 group
training 13 group

Question and Answer session

training 14 group
training 15 group
training 16 group
training 17 group

Tommy Morton and Alois Rosario

training 18 Tommy & Alois

Strength and Conditioning Time Trials

Caitlyn Taylor

training 19 Caitlyn

Tanya Milnes

training 20 Tanya

Tanya Milnes

training 21 Tanya

Michaela Campbell

training 22 Michaela

Les Ponton (Strength & Conditioning Fitness Instructor) explaining the short sprint time trial.

training 23 Group

Willis Doorty giving his best

training 24 Group

The dreaded ‘Beep Test’

training 25 Beep Test

Last girl standing

training 26 Beep Test

Last boy standing

training 27 Beep Test