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2013 GSA Squad Training Session

The final day of training for the 2013 Gippsland Sports Academy Squad took place on 12 October at the Traralgon Table Tennis Stadium. With the unfortunate loss of Heitor Hilberto (moved to Queensland), the current squad was down to four in number. Some aspiring squad members were invited to assist in training exercises from the Gippsland Associations and we will see more applicants at the GSA Talent Identification Day held at the Traralgon Stadium in Davidson Street on Sat 30 November.

Below are some pictures of the day's training with former Australian Olympic Coach and current Paralympic and Commonwealth Games Coach Alois Rosario along with former Australian Juniors Champion Jesse Bricknell giving invaluable advice to all the young players present on the day.

Fitness Trainer Les Ponton (right) measures strength improvements.

2013 GSA Oct (1)

Brandon Salter winds up for standing jump.

2013 GSA Oct (6)
2013 GSA Oct (7)

Les Ponton demonstrates the technique to Jesse

2013 GSA Oct (8)
2013 GSA Oct (9)

No surprises in Jesse’s level of fitness!

2013 GSA Oct (10)

James Wigg awaits service from Jackson Landy.

2013 GSA Oct (12)

Jackson Landy with other activities in the background.

2013 GSA Oct (13)

Jesse Bricknell advising squad member Brandon Salter.

2013 GSA Oct (17)
2013 GSA Oct (18)

Traralgon Seniors A Grade Player and former Traralgon Junior Geoff Lawn with Jack Downes.

2013 GSA Oct (19)
2013 GSA Oct (20)

2013 GSA SQUAD L to R: Brandon Salter, Jack Downes, Jackson Landy & James Wigg having fun.

2013 GSA Oct (23)
2013 GSA Oct (24)

The GSA Squad with Champion Coaches Alois Rosario (left) and Jesse Bricknell (right)

2013 GSA Oct (26)

2013 GSA Squad with Coaching Team L to R: Alois Rosario, Brandon Salter, Anton Fullerton, Jack Downes, Doug Schoer, Jackson Landy, Richard Cotton, James Wigg, Rob Thompson and Kerri Thompson.

2013 GSA Oct (28)

The Squad with some invited assistants L to R: James Wigg, Mackenzie Gardner (Wonthaggi), Jack Downes, Jesse Bricknell, Trenthan Gillespie (Traralgon), Jackson Landy, Connor Cann (Traralgon), Brandon Salter and Matt Lawn (Traralgon).

2013 GSA Oct (33)

Alois Rosario (Head Coach) and Rob Thompson (Program Manager) sum up.

2013 GSA Oct (35)
2013 GSA Oct (36)
2013 GSA Oct (37)
2013 GSA Oct (38)

L to R: Mackenzie Gardner, Matt Lawn, Trenthan Gillespie, Connor Cann, James Wigg, Jackson Landy, Jack Downes (bending over), Brandon Salter & Jesse Bricknell (crouching).

2013 GSA Oct (39)