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2014 Seniors Doubles Championships

The Doubles Championships were held on Wednesday August 27th and were a great success. Brent Causon and Steve Boyd organised the main event which consisted of partners weighted top and bottom of ladder, then 2nd and 2nd bottom etc... This meant a differently paced game and a chance for players who don’t usually play together to have some fun and very interesting games.

Everybody enjoyed the ‘variety’ the night brought to their game and it was heartwarming to hear the laughter and watch the various tactics from all players involved. The winning doubles combination proved to be Mark Strini and Cory Berkhout

These pictures were taken late in the evening during a second round of finals so a lot of people had already gone home. Thanks once again to our Seniors Match Committee of Brent, Steve & Doug Schoer.

2014 Doubles Champs 01
2014 Doubles Champs3
2014 Doubles Champs7

The Winners 2014 DOUBLES L-R Mark Strini and Cory Berkhout

2014 Doubles Champs10
2014 Doubles Champs11
2014 Doubles Champs13
2014 Doubles Champs15

Brent Causon crunching the numbers through the night.

2014 Doubles Champs19