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2014 Junior Championships

On 30th October our  Junior Championship was held and it was down to two players that are also making a big impact in the Seniors Comp. Jackson Landy and Willis Doorty fought off for the trophy.

It was a truly exciting match with both players demonstrating excellent sportsmanship and respect for each other. The match was ‘best of seven’ games and it went right down to the wire with Jackson Landy winning the match in the 7th game.

Well done Jackson!

2014 Jnr Champs03

Jackson Landy contemplating at service

2014 Jnr Champs07

Willis Doorty

2014 Jnr Champs08
2014 Jnr Champs12
2014 Jnr Champs14

Willis serving to Jackson with umpire Doug Schoer

2014 Jnr Champs18

 Jackson Landy (winner) and Willis Doorty (runner up) Traralgon Junior Championships.

2014 Jnr Champs22

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