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2015 Autumn Finals & Fundraiser

Every year TTTA has the Autumn Competition Finals around April. This year was a little different because the accent wasn’t on the finals so much as on a club fundraiser. We were raising funds for the family of one of our Senior Pennant coordinator’s family. Steve Boyd’s wife Honey has Lyme disease which is an attacking condition on the body’s nervous system. The club was aware of the trials Steve, Honey and their kids were going through and pulled together to give generously towards a helping hand for one of our own.

The night involved a ‘fun’ doubles competition where top players were paired with lower grade players in a handicapped doubles tournament. This is a great way to have some fun with table tennis as well as reinforcing the camaraderie and friendship that the club is renowned for. Everyone enjoyed the spirit of the night.

Following the table tennis there were prizes for the winners, trophies and pennants for the Autumn Comp and a host of raffles along with supper and a cuppa.

As President of the Traralgon Table Tennis Association, it was my favourite moment to see my fellow club members giving so generously to a family many of them didn’t even know. (Anton Fullerton 2015)

Below are just a few pics of the night.

Competition underway.

2015 Autumn 02
2015 Autumn 03
2015 Autumn 06

Many of the club’s KeenAgers who play Monday and Thursday mornings came along and played alongside top players like Doug Schoer and Jason Comrie.

2015 Autumn 08

L to R - Keith Hemming taking on Rohan Berkhout and Matt Lawn

2015 Autumn 12

Determination from Ray Campbell and Keith Hemming.

2015 Autumn 13

Umpire Max Zygarlicki is amused by the friendly banter prevalent on the night.

2015 Autumn 16

L to R: Sheila Whitehead, Hans DeZwart, Don Milner, Rod Lavin, Joseph Daniel and Jamie Sjamsudin

2015 Autumn 17

Rip Curl Ricky Johnston and friend take on Imre Balogh and Keith White

2015 Autumn 18

L to R: Dermott Berkhout (ump), Yuen Yen Choo, Michael Warr, Jackson Landy &  Jack Downes

2015 Autumn 23

same match

2015 Autumn 25

Fun Doubles finals. L to R: Demott Berkhout (umpire), Mick Warr, Henk VanderStoep, Yuen Yen Choo and Cory Berkhout

2015 Autumn 27

Result: Henk and Cory narrowly defeated Mick and Yuen for the major prize on the night.

2015 Autumn 30

Many awards were given out on the night amongst the frivolity of the supper and raffles. Here is Senior Pennant Coordinator Steve Boyd presenting Guri Soni with a divisional Top Player trophy.

2015 Autumn 33

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