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2015 Winter Finals

A fun night was had by all for the 2015 Seniors Winter Competition held Wednesday 16th September 2015. Following some hard fought competition in three divisions we enjoyed the customary feasting and distribution of pennants and trophies.

L to R: Helen Procak vs Sheila Whitehead with Warwick Landy umpiring.

2015 Winter Finals04

Jaymin Marino vs Victor Scicluna & Peter Quinn umpiring.

2015 Winter Finals08

Sheila Whitehead up against Geoff Ely.

2015 Winter Finals11

Victor Scicluna vs Trenthan Gillespie with Imre Balogh umpiring.

2015 Winter Finals17

Kerryn Dooley vs Hans DeZwaart with Guri Soni umpiring.

2015 Winter Finals18

Connor Nilsson umpiring with Heather Wilson vs Jack Downes.

2015 Winter Finals21

Ricky Johnson vs Jackson Landy with Jason Comrie umpiring, Geoff Ely (background)

2015 Winter Finals22

Mick Warr vs Steve Warr

2015 Winter Finals25

Geoff Ely vs Sheila Whitehead with Helen Procak umpiring.

2015 Winter Finals26

Declan Boyd defends against Peter Chojnacki.

2015 Winter Finals29a

Sheila Whitehead vs Geoff Ely with Helen Procak umpiring & Peter Quinn (background)

2015 Winter Finals30

Ricky, Jackson & Jason

2015 Winter Finals33

Henk VanderStoep stretches Peter Quinn

2015 Winter Finals35

Ross Jones umpiring with the two senior pennant coordinators facing off - Steve Boyd & Brent Causon

2015 Winter Finals40

Henk, Trenthan, Peter, Victor (umpire), Imre & Declan (background).

2015 Winter Finals41

Peter Riggall & Sheila Whitehead vs Warwick Landy & Geoff Ely, Jenny Talau umpiring

2015 Winter Finals43

Declan Boyd takes on Hans DeZwaart with Peter Chojnacki umpiring.

2015 Winter Finals44

Jack Downes looks on as Jackson Landy defends against Peter Gomez with Cory Berkhout umpiring.

2015 Winter Finals46

Ross Jones umpires Brent Causon & Leonie Degnan.

2015 Winter Finals47

Peter serves to Jackson

2015 Winter Finals49

L to R: Geoff Ely, Sheila Whitehead, Peter Riggall, Warwick Landy & Jenny Talau (umpire).

2015 Winter Finals50
2015 Winter Finals52

Guri Soni vs Peter Chojnacki with Jeanette Herban umpiring.

2015 Winter Finals60

‘GODFATHER’ to the Association - Doug Schoer filling out the pennants for the awards.

2015 Winter Finals63

Jenny Talau and Brent Causon helping prepare food.

2015 Winter Finals64

Division 3 Runners Up: Heather Wilson & Jenny Talau

2015 Winter Finals66

Division 3 Winners: Connor Nilsson, Jack Downes & Jack Ashton

2015 Winter Finals68

Division 2 Runners Up: Warwick Landy, Helen Procak & Geoff Ely

2015 Winter Finals70

Division 2 Winners: Anton Fullerton, Sheila Whitehead & Peter Riggall

2015 Winter Finals72

Division 1 Runners Up: Tony Hiriat, Mick Warr & Brent Causon

2015 Winter Finals74

Division 1 Winners: Ross Jones, Leonie Degnan & Steve Boyd

2015 Winter Finals76

TOP PLAYERS: Mick Warr (Div 1), Geoff Ely (Div 2) & Peter Chojnacki (Div 3)

2015 Winter Finals78

TTTA Club Champions: Mick Warr and Helen Procak.

2015 Winter Finals80

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