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Keenagers Pics

Don Milner is Head Honcho (Coordinator) for the Traralgon Keenagers. Don is quick witted with a friendly smile for everyone and he will have you partnered up in a court before you know it.

Here are a few pictures of a typical Keenagers session. Mondays & Thursday mornings 9.30 to 11.30am.

Don Milner

Geoff Fullard & Kay Baxter (far end) argue the toss against Coral Thomsen and Peter Perks.

Keenagers 1

Coral Thomsen - probably being cheeky after winning a point.

Keenagers 2

Peter Perks & Coral Thomsen

Keenagers 3

Jenny Christenson & Pat Carlin (far end) defend against Oliver Raymond & Patricia Carlin.

Keenagers 4

L to R: Pat Carlin, Jenny Christenson, Patricia Carlin and Oliver Raymond.

Keenagers 5

Oliver Raymond & Patricia Carlin

Keenagers 5a

L to R:  David Cranwell and John Fuller-Jackson

Keenagers 6

Jenny Tulau and Alistair Legge

Keenagers 7

Kevin Simpson & Irene Darcy

Keenagers 8

L to R:  Tim Darcy and Ron Bishop

Keenagers 9

L to R:   Geoff Davidson and Ray Jones

Keenagers 10

L to R:  Ann Griffin, Jenny Clubley, Geoff Davidson and Ray Jones

Keenagers 11
Keenagers 12

L to R:  Jennie Clubley and Ann Griffin

Keenagers 15a

L to R: David North, Dorothy Jones, Liz Ollquist and Max Griffin

Keenagers 15b

Dorothy Jones contemplating her serve spin with David North

Keenagers 16

L to R: Dorothy Jones, Liz Ollquist, Max Griffin & David North

“Is it just me - or do my feet look really sexy today?”

Keenagers 17

Liz Ollquist backhanding with deliberation! - with Dorothy Jones and Max Griffin.

Keenagers 18

L to R: Ray Campbell, Frank Pasquali, Peter Lloyd and Susy Hardjono

Keenagers 19

Peter Lloyd signals a let ball with Susy Hardjono.

Keenagers 20

Serious stuff! L to R: Ray Campbell, Frank Pasquali and Susy Hardjono.

Keenagers 21
Keenagers 22

It looks like Peter and Susy have time to practise their ‘dance moves’ in between points.

Keenagers 23

Max Thomas steps back to give Rayner Hardjono room for one of his customary saves.

Keenagers 24a

L to R: Rayner Hardjono and Max Thomas

Keenagers 25a

Fred Baxter and Graeme Beaseley enjoying themselves!

Keenagers 26

L to R: Fred Baxter, Graeme Beasely, Rayner Hardjono and Max Thomas (serving).

Keenagers 27
Keenagers 28
Keenagers 29
Keenagers 30
Keenagers 31
Keenagers 32

This is where the real ‘thrust & parry’ begins - in the rush for morning tea!

Keenagers 33

Don Milner pours himself a well earned cuppa.

Keenagers 34a

Time for a piece of cake or a biscuit ... a little catch up chat ...

Keenagers 35

 ... a joke or two ... before another round of Table Tennis.

Keenagers 36

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