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There was a Traralgon vs Bairnsdale Tournament on Sat 18 May 2013 at the Bairnsdale Table Tennis Centre. As hosts, Bairnsdale put on lunch for the visitors and some of their younger spectators (kids). The old Traralgon vs Bairnsdale Shield Trophy was found and given a dust off and resurrected for the competition.

Players would like to thank Co-ordinators Ron Foster (Bairnsdale) and Anton Fullerton (Traralgon) for their efforts in bringing the day to fruition and a huge thank you to the BairnsdaleTable Tennis Association for a wonderful day’s comraderie and fun.

Anton was sick on the day so pictures are in short supply at the moment. Anyone who took pictures with their phone is asked to contact Anton Fullerton.

tgon vs bdale 4
tgon vs bdale 1
tgon vs bdale 2
tgon vs bdale 3

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